Treatment with honey for skin and hair – 3 Basic uses

Thanks to its components (vitamins, proteins, antibiotics, etc), honey is considered to be one of the most nutritious foods to consume and it has a beneficial effect on our organism. Moreover, some kinds of honey have a pharmaceutical activity and are suitable for healing wounds. But, the fact we may not be aware of, is honey’s importance in cosmetics used as a treatment for our skin and hair.

Treatment with honey for skin and hair is suggested for every woman while it is a miraculous substance which can tone up and refresh our skin contributing to its health and also it has the ability to nourish damaged hair. The secret is the property of honey to absorb water and maintain the necessary moisture.

Continue reading this article if you like to know the details about treatment with honey for skin and hair and follow the suggested uses.

Treatment with honey for skin and hair – 3 Basic uses

1.Treatment with honey for your face skin

To note how beneficial treatment with honey can be for your skin, you can start with an application on your face skin that provides hydration and gives shine.
After having a good face cleaning using the appropriate lotion for your skin type, you can take a tablespoon of honey and apply it all over your face skin (watch out the eye area). Let it stay for about 10 minutes for the best results and then you can rinse with lukewarm water.
With this use, honey offers your skin hydration and shine and finally it has the ability to remove dirt from your skin pores and open them up.

2.Treatment with honey for damaged hair

You can take advantage of honey’s available properties and use it for your damaged hair, while it can restore the moisture and the softness that is needed and it is able to repair the damages of the problematic hair. Treatment with honey will strengthen and enhance your hair and this will make it healthy again offering also shine and softness.
Honey is difficult to be applied on hair directly because of its texture, so if you don’t like to follow a homemade recipe for a mask, be sure you regularly use care products (shampoo, conditioner, masks) that contain honey. They will help you nourish, strengthen and tone up your hair.

3.Treatment with honey for skin tightening

Treatment with honey can be also used for our body skin, while it is easy with natural recipes to firm and tone up our skin and on the same time to offer nourishment and deal with fissures and aging signs.
You can use the following mask which is suggested for breast tightening and also for skin protection in periods we are on a diet.
Put into a mixer a tub of yogurt, 2 tablespoons of honey and 1 egg, mix well and then apply the mixture gently on your breast skin. It is better to do it at night before going to bed. Let it stay for about 10-15 minutes and then rinse using lukewarm water.