Hair color according to your eyes – Tips

There are many women that like to change their appearance pretty often and can be quite bold in this field. If you are one of them, definitely you have thought a lot about changing your hair color. It is nice to try different things on yourself and make experiments on your look but sometimes it’s a little more risky. The ideal color for your hair sometimes needs more thought and it is not a decision you can take on the spare of the moment. We may see a hair color we like very often but it is different when we try it on our selves, because hair color depends on other factors such us our natural hair tone, our skin and our eye color. If you want to make the right decision before having the big change, you must take into consideration these factors and not only your mood or your color preferences. In this article, we are going to talk about the hair color according to your eyes and give you some advice on choosing the ideal hair shade based on your natural eye color.

How to choose the ideal hair color according to your eyes – Tips

The color of our eyes is very important for taking the final decision about the color shade of our hair. You should know that if you want to have a more natural and elegant result which looks harmonious, you must choose your hair color according to your eyes. And of course you will take into consideration your skin tone.

So, try to choose the ideal hair color according to your eyes by following the tips bellow:

When you have brown eyes


If you have brown eyes, you can show them up and emphasize your eye color by choosing warm brown shades and some times with a hair tone that is a little lighter than your natural hair color. If your eye color is a lighter brown tone like the color of honey, you can opt for a blonde hair shade also close to the color of honey because you will have a brighter look.

But of course when you choose hair color according to your eyes it is best to take into consideration your skin tone too:
When you have brown eyes and dark skin color, usually lighter hair shades are not suggested. If you are looking for a color that will be brighter, you could try on having some delicate and thin highlights. But when it comes for a general color it is best to choose brown and chocolate brown tones, brown-red, the tone of honey and black.
When your skin tone is lighter and you have brown eyes, there is a bigger variety of hair shades. The brown tones are suggested again, except from very dark brown and black because the final look will be pretty wild. You could experiment with a blonde hair shade but not a very intense or something extreme. A very good combination is also the one with red tones on your hair, or orange-reds.

When you have lighter eye colors (green, blue)


Usually women that have a lighter eye color (green or blue) prefer a blonde hair shade. But, the truth is that if you choose darker tones for your hair the contrast created can emphasize your face and show up your features. It is said that this combination is very flattering although it can make you look a little bit wild. Of course the final decision depends on your skin tone also:

If your eyes are blue or green and your skin color is dark, you have many choices for picking the right hair color according to your eyes. Perfect options are the warm brown shades, blonde with a little bit of golden tones, the violet color, and lighter red color shades. Almost every dark shade is right for you, except from full black which it is better to be avoided, as you will look pretty harsh and wild.
If you have blue or green eyes and a lighter skin color, the best option for you is to prefer colder hair shades. An ideal color is a red –orange tone like the color of carrots. But you could also choose among others, like some brown shades, some certain red tones or ash blond. It is best to avoid black and dark brown tones because you won’t have the ideal look.

When you have black eyes (or dark brown)


Women with black eyes or very dark brown eyes, is ideal to prefer black hair color or another very dark shade for your hair (dark brown). You may think it is a very dark look but the truth is that it is very natural and suits you best.

When you have blue or grey eyes (or a blue-grey tone)


When choosing hair color according to your eyes, you should be aware of the fact that blue-grey eyes belong to a very special and impressive category and it is suggested to opt for colder hair tones. For example, the tone of ash or lighter golden shades. This is explained by the fact that these hair dyes have a blue basis (not yellow or brown).

When you have brown or light brown (honey tone) or green eyes


The most matching hair shades for women that have brown eyes or honey-colored (light brown) or even green eyes, are some special tones like red, golden and auburn. Especially if your skin tone is warmer. This combination is mostly based on the fact that the color shades for hair we mentioned have a more yellow basis on their color.