How to deal with insomnia – 9 Tips

A very common issue that many of us have to deal with daily, is sleeplessness. We must admit that a good sleep is all we need to get ready for the next day and all the responsibilities that come with it. So, it is necessary to find the way and deal with insomnia, to relax and always have a good refreshing sleep.

Continue reading the article if you want to get some tips related to how to deal with insomnia.

9 Tips to deal with insomnia

1.Stop Looking at the time

You cannot deal with insomnia if you keep looking at the time during the night. When you go to bed and you have problems sleeping, looking at the clock and counting how many hours are left for you to wake up will only make it worse. You will get stressed and sleeplessness will get even more serious.

2.Exercise properly

Regular exercise has been proved as a very helpful method in sleeping well but only if you do it properly and at the right time. You shouldn’t do it before going to bed because the energy will probably keep you awake. When you try to deal with insomnia try not to do strong exercise 3-4 hours before sleeping. Other methods more relaxing such us yoga, tai chi, etc are ideal for getting to sleep easily.

3.Avoid short naps

If you are trying to deal with insomnia, short naps are going to make it even more difficult for you to sleep. If it is necessary to sleep for a while during the day, try to do it only early hours and for a short time because if you fall asleep within 8 hours before your regular sleep time it is very possible that you will block your night sleep. It is better to try and not sleep at the noon or afternoon and do something else to avoid it (go for a walk, drink something cold-not caffeine, visit a friend, etc) so that you will get more sleepy at night.

4.Avoid blue lights

When having to deal with insomnia you must be careful with some small details. Things such as the blue light from your cell phone or even the alarm clock on your desk, may be the reason you are not sleeping well. So, an hour before going to bed remember to turn off the computer, the tv and all the sources of blue light. Some devices that you cannot turn off, try at least to cover them with something so that the light won’t be annoying.

5.Eat properly at the evening

The late hours of the day is suggested to avoid big meals and “heavy” foods because they affect your digestive system, cause problems at the stomach and make it even worse for you to sleep well. If you have light meals, just a snack or food that cause sleep you will manage to deal with insomnia. Also another tip is to finish your meals at least an hour before going to bed.

6.Avoid smoking

Nicotine such us caffeine are stimulus, so you have another reason why you should quit smoking. When you have to deal with insomnia cigarettes should get out of your schedule. Smoking is very likely to be an obstacle in getting to sleep and to make insomnia even worse. Even when you lessen the cigarettes you smoke you may see a difference. Try to smoke about 4 hours before going to sleep.

7.Limit caffeine

Drinking coffee in the morning is common and probably won’t hurt you at all. But, when afternoon comes try to avoid caffeine both in drinks and food. Even small amounts in coffee or chocolate may cause problems to your relaxing situation. Read all the labels in foods or medicine so that you won’t consume caffeine without knowing it.

8.Set your biological clock

If you have problems with your nap and wonder how to deal with insomnia, first of all you should set the time of sleep and wake up time to control it. Even if it is not work day it is suggested to wake up at the same time so that this habit will set your organism and your brain properly and you will create a healthy circle of sleeping and waking up. So, in time you will manage to sleep well and insomnia will disappear. A good tip is to get out in bright light as soon as you wake up for about 30 minutes. Light is the best manager of biological clock.

9.Use your bed only for sleeping (or sex)

According to some experts it is suggested to use your bedroom only for sleeping or sex. Anything else that is not close to rest, relax or pleasure should be avoided and done out of your bedroom. Finally, as far as temperature is concerned, the best is to be close to cool, something like 24 grades.