How to reduce anxiety – 13 Ways

Anxiety is all around us, it has become a great part of our lives whether we want it or not. Mostly in period when we have to deal with problems – financial, professional, personal, etc. Our daily routine is characterized by stress, insecurity and anxiety and this is something that prevents us from living our lives calmly without negative consequences for our health. So, it is suggested to find the right ways and fight against anxiety before it affects both our mental and physical health.

If you are wondering how to reduce anxiety and maintain calm towards your problems and everyday stress, keep reading the article and you will find some ways and methods that are going to help you and make your life easier.

13 Ways to reduce anxiety in your life

1.Physical activity

It is well known that gymnastics can become a good “medicine” against stress while it is a relaxing activity. When you are feeling all stressed up and you are wondering how to reduce anxiety, try to find some time and work out. The most suitable way is by cardiovascular exercise which is going to help you take away the stress. Make sure you follow a physical activity that is also pleasant to you for better results related to your mood. For example, try swimming, cycling, jogging, dancing, etc. This will make you feel euphoria and it will help you clear your mind and reduce anxiety.

2.Recording thoughts and fears

When you are full with stress and feel helpless, a good way to remove anxiety is to record your thoughts, your feelings and what caused all the above. In this way by writing and expressing your thoughts you will feel more calm and you will relax. It is possible that this will help you in finding also some solutions to your problems. This is a good way that answers greatly to how to reduce anxiety.


According to a University research, the sound of music helps our mood and makes us feel better. Whether you prefer something calm and slow like classical music or something more strong and noisy like rock, metal, etc, this depends on you and your favorite sounds. Each one of us finds relaxing a total different kind of music. So, when you wonder how to reduce anxiety, let your favorite songs play and even better stand up and dance! It’s a good way to move away stress and reduce the hormone that is responsible for anxiety.

4.Right breathing

A much more practical way to help you when you are wondering how to reduce anxiety, is controlling your breathing. Usually, when we are under pressure and feel stressed, our breathing is quick and sharp something that we have to try to control so that we will feel calm. So, try when you are stressed to spend some minutes sitting down and take deep slow breaths inhaling through the nose and exhaling also in slow motion. It will be even more helpful if when you are breathing you make some number counting from the inside. Try to do this “exercise” for about 10 minutes until you feel relaxed.

5.Be close to your beloved ones

Having a pleasant company of the people we love and especially of positive and optimistic people, always helps us in having a good mood and less anxiety. It is even proved by research that women who spend a lot of pleasant time with their friends have increased the hormone that reduces stress. Don’t forget that when you are close to your favorite persons who you trust you can always talk to them for your problems and share your anxieties. It is very possible they will make you feel better and even give you a solution. Moreover, a hug and a kiss calm us and make us feel more strong and positive.

6.Appropriate surroundings

The surrounding space where we spend many hours, has a great part in our mood and the way we feel. To reduce stress and feel more relaxed make sure the surroundings where you spend most of your time is positive and pleasant but also practical so that you don’t have extra problems. Find the colors that calm you down and use them around you, be sure there is natural light inside your room, use candles with your favorite smell or special space aromatics, decorate with flowers or anything else that improves your mood and helps you relax.

7.Pleasant activities

When you are wondering how to reduce anxiety try to do the obvious. This means do things that make you happy! Even if the program of the day is pretty full and you don’t have much free time, don’t forget to take a break from the routine and make some activities that please you, relax you and take away the stress. Remember your favorite hobbies, even better cope with things that demand focus and imagination so that you keep your mind busy and away from anxiety. Also, it is very helpful to come close to nature, a good ally to positive mood and also have contact with animals that help you reduce stress. If you spend even 15 minutes a day doing pleasant things and activities you like, you will see that you can deal with pressure and stress in a better way.

8.Stop saying yes

The fact that you are feeling pressure and stress probably is due to your many responsibilities and the things you have to deal with which are probably too many for you and you can’t manage them. If you are one of the people who never denies the things he is being asked to do and always say yes, then it is suggested to try to change this, to quit from some of your responsibilities that put too much weight on your back. Put some limits and rules and take control of the things you can achieve and deal with without anxiety and without pressing yourself just to please everyone else.

9.Absolute silence

To be able and reduce anxiety that circles you, it is suggested some time of the day (better in morning hours when the hormone of stress is increased) to try to be in absolute silence and tranquility without any distractions and noises. Avoid the use of computer or cell phone, music or TV and generally stay in silence for a while. You will realize it is very helpful in relaxing you.

10.Make a schedule

When you have a lot of things to do and you feel pressure, a good solution to reduce anxiety is to get well organized and make a schedule with all the things you have to do arranging them in the best suitable way so that you simplify them and they don’t stress you anymore. You have also the ability to share some of your works with another person (a family member if it concerns family issues or a colleague if it is professional) so that you move away the weight from your shoulders.

11.Vitamin C

It is suggested to eat fruit with vitamin C (orange, kiwi) while according to research this vitamin is related to lower level of cortisol, the hormone of stress and also with lower level of blood pressure.

12.A good relationship with ourselves

When you are feeling stressed and have a lot of pressure, maybe you become very strict with yourself and this is not helpful at all. Try not to be very demanding from yourself and keep a positive attitude, try to encourage and reward yourself even when things are not the way you expected. By judging and waiting too much from you, you don’t help your psychology and you cannot move away the anxiety. So, when you think how to reduce anxiety first of all be sure you are good and forgiving with yourself. Don’t forget to think pleasant things and smile often because this reduces anxiety! The function of our face muscles even if you don’t believe it can take away stress.

13.Visit a specialist

The best answer when you are trying to see how to reduce anxiety and the signs are still there very intense, if you can’t deal with it on your own. It is suggested not to lose time and visit and expert who is going to give you the appropriate advice and will help you deal with it in the best suitable way. Don’t forget that it is not the same in every person so the way you treat anxiety also differs.