Clothes that make you look thinner – Ideas – Tips

Do you have some extra weight or you don’t have the height you wish? Don’t panic! There are some small and useful secrets that help you to look thinner and higher. The point is to create an illusion that give height and of course reduce the pounds. There are clothes that make you look thinner and focus in the well points of your body (i’m sure that you have some of them).

Clothes that make you look thinner

A. The right number

The most important of all! Put on clothes that is exactly your number. Try to avoid width clothes or have width lines because make you look fat. Also, exactly the opposite! If you choose more closely clothes then the only thing you succeed is to look imperfect and you have the opposite result. So, always look the right number of your clothes to suit you.

B. A unique color

for many people, the black clothes are clothes that make you look thinner. Yes it is true but believe me that if you wear white color from the top to the down, then you have exactly the same result. Make sure that you have a pantsuit in the same color of your choice. The result is that you look thinner, taller and chic. It is worth to try it!

C. Clothes with neckline V – shaped

Definitely, is necessary to have blouses and shirts with neckline V – shaped because are clothes that make you look thinner. It creates an illusion that you are slim because is focus on your neck and not in your body. We recommend you to have in your wardrobe a classic black blouse with V – shaped and a jean skirt. They will take you out of difficult situations.

D. Clothes with stripes

The stripes and the vertical lines are the clothes that make you look thinner and higher but make sure do not overdo it. For example, do not try to suit blouse, trousers and jacket with stripes because you have an unlovable figure.

E. High heel shoes

A woman that know to care herself, she always has at least two high heels shoes in her wardrobe. Except from making look taller also you look charmed. Prefer the beige high heels and try to avoid flat shoes.

F. Short skirts and dresses

If you are the lucky one and you are tall, then the short skirts and short dresses are absolutely fit you. On the other hand, if you are short, then try the height of the skirt or dress to cover the knee and show only the leg so as to make you look taller.

G. Clothes with straight line

Choose clothes that make you look thinner with straight line. If you want to look more thin, prefer trousers or jeans with straight line without revers and pleats.

H. Slim belts

Prefer tall trousers or shorts and wear a slim belt. Make sure that the color is suits with the rest clothes. The wide belts make a huge contrast and seem very ugly.

I. Clothes with designs

In the end, is fabulous to have clothes and especially dresses with designs or small flowers in combination with black shading stockings.

These are some of the secrets that all women must know. There are a lot of clothes that make you look thinner and you must have them in our wardrobe. They create an illusion and make you look thinner, taller and gorgeous.