Exercise with pole dancing – Everything you should know

Working out on a pole, the famous pole dancing, is not just what it seems or what most of us may believe. In some people’s mind, pole dancing is associated with striptease and maybe the thought of occupying with this kind of activity as a method for obtaining a nice and strong body, is possible to lead in the feeling of embarrassment.

And yet, we are talking about a remarkable form of exercise that has become the new trend in a global level and is still gaining many fans, both women and men. Indeed, exercise with pole dancing is very famous in the circle of celebrities while it is a way to combine physical activity and strengthening with dancing and having fun!

Pole dancing, is a kind of exercise in which you combine an attractive dance with acrobatic gymnastics on a pole. Definitely it is a prototype way to work out your body and an interesting form of expressing yourself and being released. If you want to strengthen your body muscles, exercise and in the same time feel erotic and increase your self confidence, try working out on a pole and definitely you will be pretty pleased by the results plus you will have a lot of fun and everyone that watches you will be quite entertained!

6 Basic things you should know about exercise with pole dancing

1.You don’t have to be fit

Instead of what most people believe, to start up exercise with pole dancing and occupy with this kind of gymnastics, it isn’t necessary to be already worked out. What is needed for this specific kind of exercise is a good physical condition at a rate of 20% and the rest 80% is the technique that is required but it is taught. Somehow or other, our body has a structure that gives it the ability to lift up at least our own weight.

2.No special experience is necessary

Also, another common question is if it is necessary to have experience in dancing for someone that wants to occupy with pole dancing. The answer is negative. Of course it is not necessary but if there is experience it is a positive clue. The trainers are there to show you everything that is needed and help you learn the dancing moves from the beginning of the lessons.

3.There isn’t any restriction

Pole dancing is addressed to everyone, regardless the gender of the person, but also the weight and age. As we said, a quite good physical condition is sufficient, the weight or age of the person are not important. With some practice and will power, the technique can be learned and everyone can achieve in exercise with pole dancing.

4.Over training is not needed

As far as the frequency of the training is concerned and how often you should attend lessons for exercising on a pole, even if it may seems that a very tough and often training is required, you should know that 2 times a week is enough for you to perfect both your technique and the choreographies that you are being taught.

5.What to wear during the training

Another thing you should be aware of since you’ve already watched how pole dancing is usually presented, is what outfit you should wear during the training. The fact that most clothes are missing from the ladies we watch exercise with pole dancing, is not random neither happens to provoke. In the case of this specific kind of gymnastics, it is better to wear as less clothes as possible because our body movement is easier as the contact of the naked skin with the pole leads to a bigger adhesion.

6.What this exercise offers to us – results

Finally, the most important thing we should mention are the results from the exercise with pole dancing. The first thing you should know, is that with pole dancing we burn about 400 calories per hour. Besides, dancing on its own is an aerobic exercise and helps in burning calories. This certain kind of exercise strengthens our muscles and offers our body flexibility. Also, it helps in having the right posture and relates with suppleness. More specifically, as the level of the workout increases in difficulty, we exercise the abductors, buttocks and dorsal muscles. Basically every muscle of our body gets worked out and becomes stronger. The combination of the exercises on the pole with floor exercise improves in an incredible rate our muscle system. It is very important the fact that from the first month of training you will see a difference in losing points from the body and of course in lineage. Working out on a pole helps us coordinate harmonically our body movements but it is also a way to coordinate body and spirit. It helps us in self concentration and finally in channeling our energy and expressing our feelings. It is a form of liberation and in the same time a significant help in getting a good shaped body.