Why you can’t lose pounds – Reasons

There are many women who realize they have gained extra pounds and it’s time to get rid of them once and for all, but they often have to deal with difficulties and problems not being able to reach their target. This is something disappointing that makes them more and more anxious.

If this sounds familiar to you, if you are trying to lose the extra weight but you don’t have positive results, maybe you should examine why you can’t lose pounds and why you can’t get thinner. It is possible that there are reasons you can’t imagine so in this article we are going to help you find out what may be happening and what’s wrong that keeps you away from the goal of losing the annoying extra pounds.

5 Possible reasons why you can’t lose pounds

1.You weren’t ready and well prepared

When wondering why you can’t lose pounds the first thing you should ask yourself is if you were really ready when you started trying. Were you in a period of your life when you could be disciplined and follow a strict regular program? Maybe you decided to do this very suddenly because someone else affected you and you weren’t well prepared or maybe you had a bad psychological background or you were very stressed. All the possibilities we mentioned can have a bad influence when talking about your effort to lose weight and you cannot adjust in an appropriate slimming program that will give you the desirable results. To achieve in reaching the point you like with your pounds and also maintain your normal weight, you must know that the decision and the will as well as patience are very important for you to continue trying and don’t get disappointed.

2.You didn’t follow the right program

You keep asking yourself why you can’t lose pounds but the truth is you have followed the same diet with a friend or you have totally removed some foods from your menu which you believe they are very fat and give you many calories. But have you thought if these methods are the best for you? You should know that each one of us has different needs and a totally different kind of lifestyle so he needs a program that is specialized and focuses on each person to see the results he wants without having health problems. What you eat and what you remove from your diet, the slimming method you follow generally, is something that shouldn’t be decided by you or your friends. Be sure you are well informed and you get advice from a specialist before you get in a program which will only take your time and effort and won’t give you any results.

3.You don’t exercise at all

Definitely the appropriate diet is the first condition and the most necessary for a beautiful and healthy body. Don’t forget that the right sustenance can help us deal with cellulite too. But, don’t ask yourself why you can’t lose pounds -or as many as you hoped- since your lifestyle is not at all active, you don’t include any exercise on your daily routine even a light one. In order to lose weight and get a nice body the balanced and right diet isn’t enough on its own, it should be combined with physical activity. In this way you can have total and impressive results and with exercise it is easier to maintain your weight in the level you want.

4.You are not being supported

Your environment as well as the specialist that is responsible for you, play a great part in your effort. The way they deal with you when they are around you has a lot to do with your case. Your personal environment may be the answer to the question why you can’t lose pounds, if no one is supportive enough, if they don’t help you psychologically and instead of encouraging your effort they affect you in a negative way, put you in temptation or even sabotage you. It is quite possible that your family or partner do not consider your need to lose weight, believe that you don’t need this and their attitude may lead you to mistakes or to a less strong effort and very soon you may end up finding yourself returning in your past lifestyle. Of course the way your specialist deals with your situation is of great importance, his approach to you, the time he spends and his devotion, the seriousness he shows and the psychological support. Try to find a specialist who you trust, you feel comfortable with and you are convinced he will give you the time and support that you need. And of course a continuous encouragement and a reward have a great part is this so that you can keep trying, don’t give up and have amazing results.

5.You have great expectations

It is totally understood that from the moment you have a target of losing pounds you want to see immediate and absolute results. But, it is good to keep in mind the fact that these things demand time and happen gradually not from one day to another. Otherwise it is very possible to cause negative effects on your health and body. So, you may wonder why you can’t lose pounds just because it is very soon and you haven’t given the appropriate time to yourself and body expecting too much too soon. Try to have realistic targets, don’t be extreme with your expectations and have patience and persistence. Don’t forget that it takes time for the best things to happen!